The age limit for entry into the government service is not increasing

The age limit for entry into the government service is not increasing
Responding to the question of independent MP Rustam Ali Farazi, the minister said there is no plan to increase the age of government jobs to 35 years. The Public Administration Minister said that there are big sessions in different educational institutions including universities, but there are currently no significant sessions. As a result, students usually get SSC in 16 years, HSC in 18 years and post-graduate degrees in 23 to 24 years. For the general candidates, the maximum age for entry into the service is 30 years, after obtaining a post-graduate degree, they get six to seven years to apply for a job. In addition to one candidate within the age of 30 years
Applying for a job does not count even if it takes one to two years to complete the repairs process.
The minister further said that the number of vacant posts has declined naturally due to the recently retired age retiring from 57 years to 59 years. In this context, increasing the age of entry into the job will increase the number of job seekers against the different posts. As a result, more competition can be generated in the field of recruitment. This can lead to frustration among those who are under 30 years of age, if they are currently 30 years old, if they get an opportunity to apply for a job.

Source: Prothom Alo



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