National University Honors Admission Result -

National University Honors Admission Result

Who can apply by release slip?
1. Passed admission test but did not get chance in merit list
2. Candidate Admission has canceled.
3. Get chance in merit position but didn’t get admission.
1st Year Honours Admission Fee Details:
Admission Registration Fee: Tk. 450/-
Registration fee (with late fee): Tk. 750/-
Admission canceled fee: Tk. 500/-
Honors Release Slip Application Form Fill Up:
National University will publish honors admission 2nd release slip application period  04/01/2017 to 10/01/2017. Students can choice maximum 5 colleges. After approval, you can get admission to respective college.
NU 1st Release Slip Admission Release slip result 2017-18:
Honors release slip result publish:
1st release admission period: 5/11/2017 to 11/11/2017
Release slip admission form college submit date:
College confirmation date:

Release Slip Result by SMS: nu<>athn<>Roll Number and send to 16222

Release Slip Result Online
Honors 1st Year Admission Release Result 2017-2018 (Update 13/11/2017)


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  1. Hi Dear Admin. I am very happy to read this content.Here you have discussed about Honours Admission Result of 3rd Merit List. This is really very important for Every student who are looking for Honours Admission Result 2018. I hope everyone will be like this.Thank you so much for share.


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