Why Be Unemployed Job Candidates Carry Employemtn Exam Expense?

The application fee comes in the beginning of the application process in any government job examination. Almost all students of the student's life suffer from many adversities and end their education. Then unemployment has to be done by looking at the job and taking a job. But the 'fees' of various government jobs, meant for 'unemployed job seekers', 'wound up in the grave'.Except for two exceptions, the unemployed job applicants have to pay a huge amount of 'fee' to apply from first class to fourth grade government jobs. Almost all first and second class government jobs applications 'fees' are at least 500 to 700 rupees. Again, some autonomous organizations carry a 'fee' up to Taka 1 thousand. How much reasonable is this fee taken from millions of unemployed job applicants? In this case, Bangladesh Bank has shown the hope of jobless job candidates. Bangladesh Bank issued instructions to not make any kind of 'fee' for applying to the bank in the end of 2015. This is certainly a pretty and realistic initiative. Now there is no 'fee' to apply to banks now.
There are more number of unemployed people in Bangladesh. But the number of vacancies is comparatively less. Millions of candidates are appearing in different positions, but lastly there are few job applicants. But at the beginning of the application, all the job applicants have to pay a huge amount of 'fees'. How logical is it to take money from the job applicant's expense? Why the jobless employment needs to be borne? At the end of the academic study, the unemployed job seekers end up suffering due to social, economic and emotional pressure. When educated unemployed people try to eliminate unemployment through employment, the state should extend their cooperation to them. It seems to fall in the responsibility of the government.
Almost every family waits eagerly, when the family members will get sorrow in getting jobs. The unemployed, who has completed a new education, has to undergo much trouble and stress during this time, no one knows except the sufferer. At such a time, for the sake of application, one-third of the money will be collected, so that 'the leaflet on the burden'. Again the opportunity to apply for 'Job' job is not available!
Until the employment of unemployed people in the developed countries, the government provides unemployment allowance. It should be arranged, if unemployed allowances in our country, unemployed job applicants can at least test the fee. For a jobless job applicant, a little 'fee' means a lot. Immediately after the service fee, the exploitation on the unemployed in this way would be stopped. The government is developing colleges and universities to engage in the task of building talented and educated youths in the country by spending millions of taka.
These young people will one day take the country. Can not get rid of the 'job' fee of their little job? The educated unemployed are the resources of this country. But why will the application of the job examination stemolar roller in the name of 'Fe' continue? Considering millions of unemployed young people, the application fee should be fully lifted in all jobs.



আমরা সংবিধান ও জনমতের প্রতি শ্রদ্ধাশীল। তাই ধর্ম ও রাষ্ট্রবিরোধী এবং উষ্কানীমূলক কোনো বক্তব্য না করার জন্য পাঠকদের অনুরোধ করা হলো। কর্তৃপক্ষ যেকোনো ধরণের আপত্তিকর মন্তব্য মডারেশনের ক্ষমতা রাখেন।