Any test means a psychological game. Confidence and technique are more important than testing in studies. Most students want to prepare at the traditional way. Believe that there is a lot more important than any of the competitive exams. That is your cleverness, discretion, your confidences, your technique, your prediction and judgement ability etc. Whoever reads the book, needs to read a guide, a coaching good, who is reading some hours, think of a little more than who can study more than anyone, plz try to think different and try to be different from others. . First of all, you have to decide what you want in life, what you want to do, what you want to do, where to reach, where to test? Do you have any planning? Where do you know where to test? Or others test, so let's test. If you do not have fixed goals and plans and you do not study well then reaching your desired goal will be a bit more difficult. Take the decision before taking the exams, but I think it is better to test all places everywhere. Experience also increases, and if you get any job, your Confidence will increase.

Repeat one thing, wherever you are not examining, why do not you try to make a hawk about the past year's question. As a result, there will be a good idea about the type of question, which will help you to make a good preparation, you will understand a little about what to study. Those clever people study, choose a little study, and whoever seems to be important, he does not know what to study. Most people want to stay as an ants, they are going to walk away without thinking about the things they are doing before, and their own self-esteem is out of syllabus. Thoughtful thinking on all issues is a deeply cool minded job. People do not go to big positions with hard work in life, a good decision at the right time is very important to go to big position. You have to learn how to selective to choose any type of exam.

Is it not necessary to get a job to be successful in examinations, not be able to do everything, to become involved, to become a job specialist / job seeker / job researcher? Of course, this applies to those who want to work. I would not say that government jobs are the only career, a private job, apart from employment, you can go to big positions in life even after doing business. The problem of most of us is what do we say to another, what others think, who said what it is worth a lot. The importance of seeking someone other than our own is very much to most of us, most people are more interested in engaging others' good relationships with their own life and making them feel better. Before taking any decision on your career, you must consider your surroundings. Family status is also considered for career choices, as long as you want to see as your family. Again, all jobs may not be suitable for everyone. Before going down to any work, I should think that if I can do it in a cold mind, will it be with me? It is very important to keep an idea about yourself, there is more likely to get a wrong decision. Success depends on your own desires, efforts, passion, some quality and surroundings. Not only can everything be overcome with effort but it is the reality. As long as I try, I can not run with Usain Bolt or I can not swim with Michael Phelps, it's my own judgement about myself. So I'm not going to run there where I'm less likely to succeed, where the chances are more likely to go there. I said just fine.

You may not like that which is good for me or I like it. We do not think of our side, but think about the other side. Amu said it was a good thing that it was your first choice. How many people have seen in the service of regretting, they do not understand one thing before or anybody else before, etc. Why brother, before anyone can tell you why, who is screwed, what is the fault of others, blame you, why do not you worry about career choice? You did not look at your own preferences and fluttered the people's excitement. Anyway, whatever you like, do it, whether it is a job or business. You must do well where you have passion. Do not go to imitate someone, take advice but it is not right to take decisions from others.

Have you ever researched questions about various year's questions like BCC, ACC, Bangladesh Bank, various banks, non-cadre exams etc.? If not, please see a little. You can see all of the same type, the same type of question is on different topics like Bengali, English, general knowledge, science and technology etc. There is not too much variation. Many of you are inbox asking repeatedly to read a book for the bank, read a book for BCC, read a book for a non-cadre exam etc. The book is not important here, it is important to make a fairly good preparation for each item. Try taking a good preparation. Make a preparation that will cover fairly many jobs.

For example, according to various topics in Bengali such as literature, grammar's sounds, joints, samas, opposite words, synonyms, betrayal, so make a good preparation according to various topics. In the same way, try to make a good preparation in English as well as words, phrases, group verb, rewrites, analogy, vocabulary, idioms and phrase, appropriate preposition, voice, narration, proverb, translation, parts of speech, your part. In this way, if you prepare your notes by making a note about each subject, you will be able to take a fairly good test in all the tests, and during this topic-based preparation, you can get help from any of the various topics. No book is bad, every book is written by informational, but the difference is made in examinations by properly applying the knowledge acquired.It is not a fact to study from any book, the fact is how it is used to test the study. For those words repeatedly, most of the students give more attention to studying the dhumsea by closing their eyes without taking the help of the past year's question of every exam. You have to understand the examination philosophy, to examine the inner theme. Testing means a psychological game. To be successful here, the strategy needs more than studying. Most questions on the question of each test are simple, then there are some more questions in the middle type that are difficult to grasp at all.Before starting the study, you should know how to test. MCQ should check that you can only answer those questions once and for all by going back to the beginning from the beginning to the last question, that is why the simple question is that there is no chance of making a mistake by hurrying at the end. And keep those ticks, which can not be done at once, to answer later. There are some questions you can take but it will take time to answer, especially if you want to get it, then answer them later.Every thing needs to be done separately for your preparation, you know where to find them, that is, where the information can be found. There are lots of books, there is internet, one is the only one. If there is some confusion in the internet then it is only if you search. You can make a topic-based notebook, first of all, what you will study, and then read those topics from any book. Do not miss the things that can be taken in 10-15 days with each time, the things that can be done in this period. 5 issues in 75 days - Bengali, English, Ganit, General Knowledge, Science and Technology. In this preparation you will be guided by the questions of the past year. Not that your preparation is to be done just under the syllabus. Remember, the main factor is you yourself You can do a study on the question of 3-4 years in the past year - you have a simple question in a book, how many, medium type questions, and very difficult to write in that number a little easier. In this way, if you study 3-4 years, you will have to skip out several questions and answer the question type at the beginning. Make yourself ready without asking many people. How many marks are available, it depends on the question of how the question is. Think of yourself, do you not know what the words in Jupiter, the opposite word, the synonyms, the literature to read, the trigonometry in mathematics, the proportion, the function, and the output are in advance? Translation in English, idioms phrase, preposition, group verb, where is the vocabulary? Do not fall from any book.Many people are asking repeatedly any book, which book, what is it?Be sure to have no guide in the "Any book" market. The answer is - any book you know about that topic. Oracle, professors, aspirants, mp3 etc. are the traditional guide of the market. Read any one. There is no problem. Try to keep a good knowledge of every topic so that you can make a fairly satisfactory answer to any test. Do not think so, discourage thinking and start asking the study and start the study, from today. Then try to upgrade your knowledge. Before any examination you should make sure to perform roughly about each of your subjects. Do each study with equal importance. It is more important to prepare better than to have more tests in different places. If you do not have good preparation, you can give 100 100 model test but you do not have the benefit. Lowering the number of conversions will reduce your Confidence. Always focus more on quality than Quantity. Take a little study, make perfect study. Give yourself a little more time to study. Take a look at Bowing, watch the songs, watch the movie, sit back again. Turn the study into passion. There are no fixed rules for how many bells you have to spend on the day, you have a target at the beginning of the day that you will have to wait for what you read today. Could not be needed for all at the same time? Continue the study anyway and of course keep confidences on yourself. If it does not, it will be difficult for you to go to big positions in life. You can mean you can, and if you say before you go to the field you can not, you can not really do that. Everyone will be fine ......